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There is a constant dialogue running in my head.  Most of it translates through pen and on to paper. It has been for the most part a secret offering to the Lord. But one day I stepped out to share with the world little bits and pieces of my heart.  

It began at time when Matt was unemployed and we were living above my

in-law's garage. We were broke, broken and seeking the Lord's will. Over coffee & tucked into sweet fellowship with friends we thought about trying our hand at opening a bakery. To chronicle our adventure I started my first blog.

Lil Sweet Cheeks

Well, needless to say God had other plans and the road curved back around to our original map.  God parked us at a rest stop just long enough to refill our souls and send us on our way. 

Really our adventure started when we got married and prayed to work in ministry side by side in Christian radio. He answered us with Psalm 84:5, Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on  pilgrimage. God's granting of that prayer has taken us all over the country. So the pit stop above mom & dad's garage was just another pin in our map of travels. But from there on out, I began sharing our adventures of faith & my lessons of the heart.

Lil Sweet Cheeks is like a dear friend and steamy cup of coffee; comforting, encouraging. Perhaps you'd like to skip over and join in the conversation. We'd love to have you!

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