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So this is me...

I am a MOM. You know the kind that tries to keep the house clean but can't. The one who has taught her kiddos at home and wonders if they're learned anything at all. The one that feeds her kids the healthy food while sneaking chocolate. I'm the one who smiles in public but some days struggles to like her kids and not spend the day yelling. I love Jesus and feel like I wrestle with my flesh longing for the day my sanctification will be complete. But even if I fail every day, I will roll out of bed, breath a prayer for strength and try again.Maybe you're like me - loving your husband and children desperately, but constantly learning how to. 


I am a GLORY SEEKER. While on this journey, I am seeking to know Jesus. I want to see Him and His glory in everyday life and share it with everyone. I want people to know that they are loved by their Creator and that they were created for a purpose. I want people to know Truth!

I am a PILGRIM. Psalm 84:5. For the last twenty years, I have moved from state to state working by my husband's side in Christian radio ministry. Longing to settle down - I want to put down roots. We've bought a house twice thinking "this is it!", only to be moved again. My conclusion: this world is not my home. If God continues to move me just so that I will have a heaven set heart, so be it. For now, this Christian blogger has settled in Chicago.

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