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Mama Monday

This Mama is not a fan of Mondays. No matter how I plan, pray or prep, Monday is rough. Without fail people (and by people I mean those children roaming through my house) are tired and unfocused; including me. For example, I reread the history lesson at least three times today and even now, on one of my writing nights, I am just not in the mood. I've cruised social media until feeling guilty, re-read old blogs from my other website, "hmmm, which one can be recycled?" and scrolled through my photos. Then I cam across a video I attempted to make last week. It had been a rough day, but I was walking out the lessons God had been writing into my life lately. It was a good reminder for me. Maybe you had a Monday too. Maybe you need a little encouragement for your Tuesday. So I'll leave it right here...

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