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And just like that, January and February are gone. That stinking groundhog said more winter and it hasn't stopped snowing since. I feel like time is speeding by, but at a snail's pace. A very cold snail too. Does that make sense? Either way time continues to march forward and I have yet to post in 2018.

I'll be honest, I was going to take a few weeks to rest and ponder the coming year. A couple of weeks turned into a couple of months. I didn't make any resolutions and a special word wasn't chosen either. Setting goals and focusing on a specific trait for the year is great, but that just wasn't what I was feeling in the New Year. I've been doing a lot of thinking (and not much writing, sorry!) A lot has happened already in 2018, with more to come. The big 4..0 happens, my oldest will be in high school (WHAT!) & I'm doing some serious praying about some new adventures. So instead I have felt challenged as I sought the Lord about the coming year.


How's your vision?

What are you focusing on?

What lens are you seeing people and events through?


When the boys were little, they liked to steal their daddy's glasses and wear them. It was cute to see these large glasses on such little heads. Their eyes would be huge through the lenses. And of course they had trouble focusing to see anything. The last year was marked by lessons in God's sovereignty - learning to truly believe in it and accept it. Now, what am I going to do with it? I've felt like the boys, trying balance this big concept and see through the lens of sovereignty clearly. Already my belief of this truth has been tested. The boys found that it was best to focus on things in the distance. There was clarity then. And that is exactly how we should focus on God's sovereignty...the future...eternity.

We can find a great example of this in Luke 2:25 -35

This portion of scripture almost acts like an intermission between Jesus' birth and the rest of of His life. A beautiful picture is painted of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the temple to be dedicated and we find two devoted believers, Simeon and Anna. Not much is known about them, except that they were waiting for the arrival of the Messiah. Daily they were seeking Him, but waiting patiently. They looked to a future hope.

Another spot to check out is Matthew 25:1-13

Here we find the story of the ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom. Only 5 of them were anticipating & preparing for the groom to arrive. These had watchful hearts.

And finally, Paul reminds us in Colossians 3:1-2, to keep seeking the things that are set our mind on those things.


Eternity is the lens through which we should see God, ourselves, other people and current events. And it gives us proper vision of His sovereignty.


Speaking of the future, I hope to share the ways God has challenged my vision of marriage, my children, other people and what I am focusing on. Perhaps you need to adjust your vision, will you join me over the next couple of weeks as I share my heart. Until then, set your mind on heaven, have a single minded hope for eternity and maybe it will change how you see.

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