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A Last Moment

Have you been embracing the moment? That has been our main focus in the last month, but I wanted to share one last moment.

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I really have tried to mindful of each moment throughout the month of October. Many of you have shared your moments with me. And I have been blessed to hear how God has shown up to each one of you. Personally I became very aware of my need to simply know God. So often we are focused on becoming a better person; living out the truths of the Bible or needing something from God. We miss the point of this life - to know and be known by God.

Oswald Chamber said it best...

"We must have simple perfect trust in God - such a trust

that we no longer want God's blessing,

but only want God Himself."

When we make that our goal, embracing the God given moments of our life becomes natural. In our knowing God, humility & confession leading to the redemption of a failed moment will be our prevailing response.

Just as October flowed into November, effortlessly; knowing God postures our heart for an attitude of true, sincere thanksgiving. Quite appropriate, I think, as we begin the upcoming holiday season.

Keep embracing those moments, So That God may be known.

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