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Love the Small Things

The sun just crests the tree line and while the morning is chilly, it lacks the bite of winter. The moment is full with the sound of the bird's daylight song. The hope of spring is in the air. Gone are the dark wee hours of early band drop off. Light surrounds us we head into our day.

As we turned the corner, a fellow FCA student crossed the street. Noah had seen him before at the neighborhood park & pointed him out. I asked if I should stop and offer the kiddo a ride. My suggestion was met with a shrug. They weren't friends, barely acquaintances and I could tell he didn't really want me to stop. I kept going, just as eager to continue on with my scheduled day.

At the stop sign I looked back and changed my mind.

Swinging back around, I rolled down my window with a hello. Noah gave him an embarrassed smile and offered him a ride. He jumped in happily & the next ten minutes were spent talking about sports & school.

Was it really such a big deal that we stopped? It probably wasn't life changing for this kid. By the world's standards those few minutes don't amount to much. But there was eternal value in the way we started our day.


“And the King will answer and say to them,

‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

Matthew 25:40


I tend to focus on the big things. I want to travel the world and do missions. I want to write a book. I want adopt 10 children. I want to change the world. I thought this last year was going to be the beginning of new, big things.

But the Lord keeps putting me in the small places. Help put the groceries in the trunk of an elderly women's car. Let the other driver go first. Make copies for a teacher. Give a kid a ride to school.

Jesus does big, miraculous things. And sometimes He lets us be apart of it. But our God is also in the details; the small things nobody notices.

Five small stones & a sling shot.

Five loaves & two fish.

A widow's last penny.

Who knew collecting small stones represented a faith that would save a nation. Nobody, thought sharing a small meal could reflected a compassionate heart that would feed a multitude. Unknowingly a penny was the sacrifice of a contented soul that could change the world.

How many times have I passed up a need because it seemed too small? Who have I over looked because they weren't like me? When have I been so focused on my schedule that I've breezed past an opportunity to love.

Because that's really what it's about - love. Loving others more than myself. More than my time. More than my resources. More than my agenda.

That kind of love is Kingdom love. That kind of love ultimately loves my King.

Small things, big love.

Ps. It could have been that Noah was embarrassed to have a friend see his mom that early in the morning. I mean morning breath, funky ponytail and leggings aren't exactly cool. But that's another lesson for another day.

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