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Let's face it, life is full of storms and moments of calm. How do we not just survive but thrive?



The great thing about the tree analogy is that the story doesn't end there!

Sometimes, despite our best effort, the storm comes & we are unable to withstand the force of it. BUT GOD! He doesn't leave us there; He makes something new.



Our tree was cleaned up & cut up into rounds. We will chop it up and use it over the winter in our fireplace. We also have a few projects in mind to re-purpose the beautiful wood. In fact our house has several pieces in which we have found old, scrap pieces of wood that have been turned into something new & beautiful. A door. A side table. Each item has a history that is enriched with the character of it's creator. I see my husband's love in each piece.

And so it is with our Heavenly Father. He takes our bits & pieces, sees the beauty in them and recreates a new thing. Nothing goes to waste if we allow Him to work in us. We become spectacular creations that point back to Jesus and His redemptive work.

Dig deep, be rooted and don't be afraid of the storm.

And when there is brokenness in the aftermath, don't despair. Hope in the handiwork of God.

So That God is glorified & you are made new.

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