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Practical Homeschooling

Our world is topsy turvy right now. Social distancing has us concerned with having enough supplies, figuring out work and keeping on eye on the economy. As if that wasn't enough, parents are now taking on their kiddo's education as schools close their doors. Welcome to the world, if only for a season, of homeschooling.

While currently a full time homeschooling family, we have had the blessing of experiencing both worlds. Homeschooling can be tough to navigate. And that's when it's a planned adventure. Being thrown in unexpectedly can be overwhelming.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some tips that have helped me and encouraged me over the years. Even though it's just a season, you can do more than just survive.

You can thrive!


The most important thing is having a foundation that gives your schooling, really your whole home life, a purpose...


And then there are some practical tips...

#1 - Girl, put your pants on!

#2 - Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.

#3 - Let them teach.

#4 - Read. Read. Read.


The greatest advice I can give you; have grace! For yourself, your spouse, your kiddos & for other families. Each family moves and lives different. It's personal; no comparing. God's grace & mercies are new every morning. If today's been rough, tomorrow is a new beginning. Courageously claim this gift of time with your children. Parent boldly. And have fun!!

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